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In Stock Update 2/25/2021 - LOTS of information in here please read!

In Stock Update 2/25/2021 - LOTS of information in here please read!
It has been a very challenging last two weeks.
The freeze in Texas shut down Panini and Topps for a week. It sucks, but its small compared to what the people of Texas had to suffer through, and we will all get through the small delay because of it.
The shutdown for a week has caused numerous issues, so I am going to break down what is happening for everyone.
After losing a week of production, Topps who is already way behind, decided to cancel skus and cut production in order to get caught up. They will not be making Fat Packs/Value Packs for Topps Series 2, Allen & Ginter, Stadium Club Baseball or Topps Chrome. All other skus from those products have also drastically been reduced. They also switched Star Wars Mandalorian S 2, WWE Chrome and Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball to Walmart/Target only. We are hopeful that these will be the last changes that they have to make.
Panini after losing a week of production time, is going to be a little delayed on Hoops, Optic Football and Contenders Football. All of those were expected to ship end of last week to our distributor, and we are still awaiting a new time frame from them. I suspect it will be next week when they ship.
Topps Series 1 Blasters shipped to us on 2/8. They should have arrived last week, as of this writing they still have not arrived. The port in Portland, OR was shut down because of a massive ice storm, and has caused delays as the carrier companies get caught up. It will be here any day now, and we will get the orders out right away. We are now SOLD OUT of Topps Series 1 blasters.
Topps Series 1 Retail Cases and Fat Pack Cases are shipping to us from our distributor by Monday. So we expect to have them in the week of March 8th. We will start getting those shipped out right away when they arrive, and we have more stock of those.. so go and get them before the 5% discount code expires.
Topps Series 1 Hanger Boxes and Tins, we are still awaiting an expected shipment date to our distributor from Topps.
Panini as of this writing has not released new expected dates for Hoops, Contenders Football or Optic Football. However, we expect to get an estimate from them soon. Like I said above I think we are looking at them shipping out next week, but I will confirm that and update all of you.
We have been dealing with unprecedented challenges due to Covid. Soon things will be back to normal and products will be rolling in on time again. Hang in there everyone, stay safe, and your orders are safe with us. You will get what you ordered, we assure you.