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Pre Order Policy

Placing a Pre Order means that you agree to our terms and conditions for pre ordered products


A Pre Order is an order that is placed prior to the official release date of a product. You order the product the same way you would something that has released, only the item will not ship until the item arrives at our warehouse. 

Pre-Ordering with, means that you will receive your item. We specifically stage our pre ordering process to ensure that all of our customers will receive what they have ordered. 

Pre-Ordered items will ship within 24-48 hours of when they arrive at our warehouse. Please note that currently due to Covid, some items are not arriving to us for 3-4 weeks in extreme circumstances after product release. This is due to both Panini and Topps being behind on printing and packing. The "first wave" of retail products hits Walmart and Target first. Everyone else essentially has to wait. This will be resolved when Covid is no longer an issue with the printing and packing facilities. We want to get everyone their product as soon as possible, so please bare with us while we wait for the product to arrive from the manufacturer. 

Pre Orders can be ordered with a deposit of 25%, you must reach out to us to set this up for you PRIOR to ordering. All pre orders must be paid in full within 7 days prior to expected arrival date of the items to us. Please reach out to us to place a deposit on an order. Deposits are non refundable and non transferrable. Canceled orders where a deposit has been placed WILL NOT receive their deposit back. 

Pre Order pricing is binding. Just like we will not raise the price on you because it has gone up, we will also not lower the price after a product has been ordered.