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Product In Stock Dates Update - 2/8/21

As I have told many of you that have inquired, I will do my best to keep you up to date on expected shipping dates. Panini and Topps are both behind on retail product. Essentially the way it works is Walmart and Target get theirs, and everyone else waits. Once things are back to normal from covid, everything should be back to being mostly on time. The manufacturers want to get back to full production just as much as all of you want to get orders shipped asap. I plan on updating on Facebook and our website blog whenever I have something to report. But here are your product updates for today.
2020 Optic Football, we expect to launch pre orders on our website today. I would expect that this product will not arrive for 3-4 weeks though, we have no update from Panini as of yet. Panini made VERY little of this compared to Prizm FB. This will probably move very quickly.
2020-21 Hoops - We currently have no ETA on this product. Panini has not updated our distributor yet. Do not worry though, all of your orders are guaranteed fills.
2020 Playbook Football - Megas are in house now, and we expect Hangers to arrive within a week.
2020 Contenders Football - A Partial shipment was sent to our distributor and will be arriving this week. We are not sure yet if it is just one sku, or all skus. We should have a shipment leaving to us this week.
2021 Topps Series 1 Baseball - We received news from our distributor that Topps is staging this release. Please keep in mind that these dates could change.
- Blasters will be shipping to us this week
- Retail Boxes and Hanger Boxes will be shipping to us week of Feb 26th
- Fat Packs and Tins will be shipping to us the week of March 5th