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Product In Stock Update 3/15/21

A Few Updates for everyone to get the week started. A few important things below, so check it out!
First and foremost.. I respond to literally every single email personally. A few people have told me they havent received my responses, because they went to their spam folder. So if you sent an email and didnt see a response, I promise you the response from is in your spam folder. This seems to be happening on gmail ( even though our business email is through gmail.. go figure lol )
Secondly.. We have some good news on Hoops and Optic FB Panini is shipping out partial orders this week. We are unsure of how much of each will arrive yet, but on Hoops we should be able to fill all orders right away. Optic we may not be able to fill all right away but we will do what we can. Still no update as to when Contenders FB will be shipped.
Thirdly.. Donruss Basketball is shipping to us this week and will arrive next week. So we will be getting this posted for sale. We tried to avoid pre selling it and having it get delayed like the other products, but somehow Donruss is arriving before everything else. Go figure lol.
Fourth.. Prizm EPL Soccer Mega Boxes are shipping to us this week as well. Still no update on when we will receive blasters or cellos. We will get this listed for sale as well.
Finally.. Series 1 Retail Boxes and Value Packs arrived last week and all orders were shipped. As of this writing we still have inventory left on both of these, so go ahead and get your orders in.
Thank you everyone for your continued support.