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Shipping Update 4/2/21

Shipping Update
Two things to report today...everyone that was expecting their order to ship out this week based on what we had coming in should have tracking in their email for their order ( with one exception.. see below )
Having 18 skus come in at once really made shipping a difficult challenge, but everything is packed and shipped. Some of you will not see your package move until Monday. Yesterday we loaded up a UPS truck with as many packages as they could take, and we did so again today. Not every package was able to make it on the truck. So the final packages will be picked up Monday to head to you guys.
The one exception for shipping was Prizm EPL Blasters. We were told that they shipping, but when we unpacked all of our pallets they were not there. I confirmed today with our distributor that they were delayed and will arrive at our distributor this week. We had no knowledge of this, so I apologize. But they will go out as soon as they arrive ( Prizm EPL Megas were not delayed and all shipped out )
We still have plenty of stuff in stock, and we should be launching new pre orders next week. Thank you all for your business and our family here at Retail Wax would like to wish your families the happiest of Easters.